Game-Demo using Godot game engine and lots of particles.

Source code on my github


Use Mouse in game windows, click and hold Left Mouse to move(left right in game windows). Use Right Click when bar on right side 100% full.


Points(timer) on right top goes to 0 when "HP bar"(left) is 0, so gameplay is - dodge objects that come on you, by controlling this ball to get maximum points. 

(this is small just demo, gameplay is very minimal, fly is endless)

Web version:

Web version work only in Firefox and Chrome 76+ web-browser. (web version has some lags, try native version) Alternative  link to launch

Install instructions

Download *.zip open it and launch(exe), nothing specisl, should work everywhere


Windows x64 zip with exe 11 MB
Linux x64 zip 14 MB

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