Warning: WebGL2/HTML build performance very slow, and audio lag when FPS less 60, download binary build better. On launch used 700Mb VRAM.

This project has sound!

Control - mouse left click +ARROWS to control camera, mouse right click to spawn decal.

Performance - I have 60FPS on 1080p with integrated Vega8 graphic. Should work fast on all 2015+ video cards.

More info and this project on github https://github.com/danilw/godot-utils-and-other 

WARNING: Nvidia has bug with some shaders if this project crash for you then edit (outside of Godot) (just copy there any other shader code that works). Files shaders/particle_cube_base.shader and shaders/demo/particle_cube_audio.shader and shaders/demo/particle_cube_spiral.shader

(tested Godot 3.2 Godot 3.3, source Godot 3.3)



1. In this project used CC-non commercial 3D models from sketchfab, all 3D models under CC license, all used resources linked.

2. Used music from  https://patrickdearteaga.com direct link here  name Chiptronical

Main License:

All shader-logic and other my-own graphic and logic under MIT-license.


particle_system_effects_WINDOWS.zip 54 MB
particle_system_effects_LINUX.zip 54 MB
particle_system_effects_SOURCE.zip 30 MB


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It is so cool!! I like this very much!!!