A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


What is it:

Small game-demo that I made, source code available on my github link

Game has no sound.


Gameplay is very minimal, Goal is survive as many rounds as you can.

Round end when Boss(blue glow orb) HP is 0 and no enemy-bots alive.

Player collect bonuses:

Blue - shoot speed. Yellow - jump higher. Green/Red attack power(count only for Boss HP), player heal 1 HP on start of new round.

Bonuses drop from all chess once per round, and 50/50 randomly from Bots, Bots spawn when any of chess destroyed. 

Bots and Chess HP start from 6 Bots and 1 Chess, and increase every round. Player deal always 1 dmg to it.

Web version

Work in Linux webbrowser much better without any bugs, Windows webbrowsers has bugs on launch it. (it may work in webbrowser on Win, launch time few mins)

Web version here, this link,  do not launch before reading info on that page.

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags3D, demo, Difficult

Install instructions

Unpack and launch.


e-ani-SINGLEPLAYER-win.zip 27 MB
e_ani-MULTIPLAYER-win.zip 27 MB
e-ani-SINGLEPLAYER-linux.zip 31 MB

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